About Us

Welcome to Blueaura.fit, your lifestyle realignment program.

Blue Aura is your destination to access resources for physical well-being and mental health. 

We are a team of practitioners and experts in various wellness disciplines such as

  • Tai Chi,
  • Meditation,
  • Yoga,
  • Pranayama,
  • Low impact Cardio,
  • Exercise routines for clients with limited mobility,
  • Intensity Interval Workouts,
  • Martial Arts based Workouts and
  • Diet
  • Sleep Management
  • Stress Management

We believe the journey to wellness is unique to every individual, but the basic premise remains the same – to have an active body and a still mind.

The body and mind are in constant communication with each other. Many of the dis-ease conditions in our modern society stem from an overactive mind having to multitask and delve in the realm of anxieties while being stationary for extended hours in the workspace.

Start at the body or the mind; explore mind and body hacks for wholesome life.

At Blue Aura, our team of doctors, researchers and trainers provide simple aids to cultivate deliberate pockets of stillness and physical activity in our busy routines.

We are excited to bring you the education on physical activity, breathing practices, body-weight control, behavior change, combating stress and including coping techniques such as mindfulness and meditation.

We aspire to make your journey to health and well-being:

  1. Easy,
  2. Accessible and
  3. Affordable

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